Monday, December 17, 2007

At Least It's Not Drugs

I'm guilty.

I have a sickness, a disorder, a very expensive weakness. Something that has and may put me in more trouble.

I went to the mall today planning to spend around P1,000 for gifts and I ended up spending almost P4,000. Do you still consider that "around" P1,000? I don't. And by the way, the primary purpose was to buy gifts for other people but I spent 30% of the budget on a pair of shoes for me which was completely not in my mental shopping list.

When I was a lot younger, my Aunt, who could alledgedly do palm reading, took a look at the lines of my palms and told me that I will have a lot of money one day but the clincher is since I spend too much, all the money will all go to my fancies in a snap. I now kind of believe her.

I just received my 13th month pay less than a week ago and it's now wiped out. In fact, I spent more than the worth of just my 13th month pay. Waaaaay more.

I am currently trying to brain-wash myelf to think that it's all worth it and that it's all good since I was able to buy gifts for family and friends and for myself.


I'm frivolous. I'm a shopping outlaw. I'm consumerism personified. I feel guilty but... it's so... so... good.

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