Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Finally made it home. I'm vacation, yay! Well, actually it's kind of an illegal getaway since I'm calling in sick at work for five straight days but whatev. Ugh.

0kay, before anything else, let me just say that I am stuffed. I swear, stuffed like a goose being force fed to make fois gras. I have been eating like a construction worker out on lunch lately.
I just had Noche Buena with my sister and parents. It's nothing fancy, quite simple actually. Basically, we had spaghetti, 2 kinds of cake (chocolate and choco mocha crunch), brownies flooded with chocolate frosting, grapes and white and red wine. We'll have the ham tomorrow.

We all had a good laugh when Mom got a little tipsy. Me and the parentals downed an entire bottle of White Zinfandel and another red. It's all good, laughing, eating and drinking and stuff. Gotta love the holidays.

No wonder I've been getting FAT lately! And everybody is noticing it. Well, I can't deny it. I'm guilty. Anyone can tell just by looking at my extra-rice lovehandles. Ugh. I fucking hate it. I'm spilling out of my skinny jeans. Somebody needs to get his fat ass back to the friggin' gym.

Anyway, we'll have our second garage sale this Wednesday and I'm spearheading the affair. Last year was great and I'm hoping this year would be better considering my brother and his wife actually sent 95% of the stuff straight from the States. I priced out some of the items today and honestly, there's a lot of great buys there.

I'm still enjoying my vacation. Gawd. It's good to be home. Merry Christmas!

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