Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random Rants


The past week has been hectic. Work, eating out, work, clubbing, work, pasalubong-buying with sister, work, movie with sister and cousin, work, dinner and some drinks with friends, work; talk about an active lifestyle. These are things I can barely squeeze together in one month. To cap things off, last night, err… this morning rather, something else went to active mode…again.

My sister went home to the province so I had the entire place to myself. Let’s just say I had a visitor at 5 AM who left not even before 6 AM. It’s a bummer but it’s good to see him again after months of disconnection. The last time I saw him was at the domestic airport, with who I guess was his sister. Being the bitch that he is, he didn’t even give a hint of a smile or any recognition of my presence. I know he saw me although he was wearing sunglasses, a simple nod would’ve been nice. I don’t believe that he didn’t recognize me at all.

Anyway, last night was our third “meeting”, and I barely go for thirds. The only guy whom I did a third with is this UP Diliman cutie with Spanish roots. Going back to last night, we (or at least he) almost didn’t make it to my unit because genius didn’t have an ID with him. I almost had to beg the security guy at the lobby to let him in. Gawd.

We didn’t get to go full-on since he had to run but I appreciate the goodnight kiss. I had to drop a hint but I appreciate the gesture especially coming from this cold hearted snob. I sent him a message this afternoon and I didn’t get any reply. I am not surprised.

I wouldn’t call this the end of drought but a slight drizzle in the middle of summer.

Not So Holy Week

It's Lenten season once again and the city is practically a ghost town because of the holidays. Almost empty streets, closed malls, and zero traffic congestion give me mixed emotions.

First of all, I love it that the traffic is smooth. I just hate the fact knowing that while 90% of people are out of town, out of the country and vacationing or taking a rest, I (together with my colleagues, along with nurses, etc.) still have to work. You see, my work DOES NOT acknowledge holidays; Christmas, Labor Day, New Year, whatever, nada. I know, it sucks.

As previously announced, we were supposed to have our original rest days next week which are Sunday and Monday. I had planned to spend Sunday night at my Aunt's house in the other part of the city because it's my cousin's birthday. But thanks to the almighty bosses at the office, I may have to cut short my partying since they decided to retain our new temporary rest days, Monday and Tuesday, for another week. Yet another reason I should get a new job already. I wanted to vomit so hard when I knew about this. I was infuriated so this morning, after shift, I formally informed my supervisor that I will be very late on Sunday night.

God, I need a break. Boracay you have no idea how much I miss you.

Project Runway: Ferowsh!

I love this season. Christian Siriano is fucking fantastic and I think Rami and Jillian are also incredibly and undeniably talented. I am obsessed with it right now thanks to

I have to go and sleep. 'Coz you know, I have work... on a Saturday night. Ugh.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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