Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Suze Orman Show

I was going to whine about how I'm sick as a dog right now, thus, I'm calling in sick at work tonight but as I was TV surfing literally seconds ago I chanced upon this gem on CNBC called The Suze Orman Show.This woman basically talks to live callers who I suppose seek her expertise and advice with regards to their finances. She's like the Dr. Phil of financial confusions. I love her Oprah-like exclamations though, "YOU ARE JUST ABOUT TO GET OUT OF CREDIT CARD DEBT AND NOW YOU'RE PLANNING TO DIG ANOTHER HOLE?!" It's amusing how she's almost scolding her callers.

Gawd, I'm loving this woman. And her jacket is quite nice too. I need this bitch in my life.

Me: Hi, I'm earning a penny and I'm planning to buy a pair of slippers, a couple of shirts and a new cellphone? And maybe a pair of pants too if I can squeeze it in.
Suze: Why are you buying all these things?
Me: Because my cellphone is ancient and I need to update my wardrobe.
Suze: Well you might as well just shoot yourself in the head. No! You are denied!
Me: But...
Suze: No!

I'm telling you this is the kind of intervention that I need.

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