Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Health Woes

My back is not completely well yet. And as if the swelling is not bad enough, just yesterday, disgusting rashes have started to spread on the same area. This shit is very disconcerting.

But it doesn't end there. Just the other night I had to see the doctor again. For the nth time this year, I once again have tonsilitis. My parents are concerned and suggested that I undergo a tonsilectomy. But I'm scared of the general anaesthesia.

Just last week, I was hanging out with this guy and we got to talking about STDs until he told me I should get an HIV test (he gets it yearly). I didn't really give it that much thought until this past couple of days. Dont't get me wrong, I do play safe but there's about five times when I foolishly didn't (the condom broke once).

I highly doubt it but can HIV detected through a CBC blood test? Can it least manifest any signs? My company physical exam tests turned out good.

Gawd, the paranoia is killing me.