Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afternoon With A Stylist

OH EM GEE you guys! This would have been the most boring afternoon. But thank gawd for the Internet I got saved!

Today I met up with Bang Pineda, designer/stylist to the stars. He takes care of the styling in ASAP along with another stylist (whose name I unfortunately forgot). He's also a consultant for Garage.

We met up at Powerplant where he was shopping for this Sunday's ASAP. We, well he actually, raided Zara, People R People, Topshop and Mango.

He asked me if I wanted to go with him to Megamall and I said yes. After getting drinks at Starbucks, off to Mega we went with his driver.

He pulled/bought some stuff at 5cm where the sales staff are very friendly. Then he went to QC (ABS I think) while I opted to stay in the mall.

Bang seems really nice. I could tell why all the sales reps were very chatty with him. He even thanked me through text for tagging along while he was doing his thing.

Now, the question is, ladies and gentlemen, who do I have to fondle around here for me to be the next Brad Goreski/Taylor Jacobson?

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