Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pictionary: Boracay Blazing

Here's the last dump of selected pictures from my recent beach holiday.

This is pretty much what I did the entire time; laze around, get some Vitamin E and take pictures.

This is where we got "welcomed" upon arrival at the Kalibo airport. The flight got rerouted because of the bitchy weather in Caticlan.

Good thing the weather was perfect the following day.

Recharging. This is the life.

The fresh fruits at the breakast buffet are little, edible joys. 

Gotta love the pool deck.

With Joenessa, my good friend who kept me company after her shift. She works at Asya.

Late dinner at Zuzuni.

This is the shirt that I got altered.

Pizza Aria

Another good friend, Yala, followed on the last day of my vacay.

Playing around at the courtyard which my room had direct access to.

These are the pants that I had converted into shorts.

Afternoon stroll somewhere along Station 3.

 Boracay's picture perfect sunset.

Cassandra, also a close friend who happened to be vacationing on the island, dropped by at the hotel

Dinner at Crystal Sand.

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Wondering when I can come back.

I planned on meeting up with my former yaya who was also there on vacation but she and her Spanish boyfriend left the day before I arrived. They had to cut their vacation short because she was rushed to the hospital. She's ok now though.


  1. How was The Tides? They dont have a beachfront, right? The pool looks nice, though.

  2. I love it there. Perfect for traveling alone or with friends. It's non-beachfront but it's less than a minute away from the beach. And it's in the middle of everything (beside the ferris wheel at D'Mall).

  3. Thanks. I love those wooden floors. Very hip.

  4. *travelling

    No problem. I suggest you get the rooms on the ground floor. They play house music at the pool deck which could be heard in some rooms on the upper levels.