Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Rants (Sort of NSFW)

Shopping Alert!

Sizes are limited so run! Go! Fast!

If you're in Manila, you must have noticed the crazy sales going on all over the malls.

I dropped by Glorietta after work and hyperventilated at Zara. Savings be damned!

Ok, there were more items, like P895 P495 shirts and P2,300 P995 shorts, that I wanted to get but I had to hold back. Buying these cotton vests wasn't even in the plan. The huge discounts don't come around often though so go!

Springfield also offers good stuff on sale. I saw some nice things in Mega.

Alterations Update

Both Alter Station and Alter to Fit did pretty well with the stitching---straight and neat.

I already got the shirt that I had altered as well as the pants that I had made into shorts. It was a mad dash from Glorietta to Megamall earlier this evening. Thank God I made it on time.

The results are fine. The shirt/vest is still a little too big but it looks alright. I'll post the pictures once I wear them.


In other news, check out these toys my straight guy cousins were messing around with. It was like a dirty show and tell.

This thing has pearls in it!



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