Sunday, February 14, 2010

Debauchery Days

Thank you Erin for this pic.

This weekend has been hectic. Gawd, my schedule was packed. I didn't have work so it was all good.

Last Friday night, I met up with this guy Luis. He's cute, quite chubby, smart and very talkative. We talked over coffee. It was alright. He likes my smile, I like his.

Yesterday afernoon, I dragged myself back to the gym. I was thinking of going to the Nestea Fit Camp Hot event at The Fort in the morning since I got an invite via email but sleepiness prevailed.

Then at night, I went out with Erin and his fab girlfriends. We went to The Reserve Liquor Lounge somewhere in Ortigas. I like the place. It's a good mix of classic and modern themes. And it's not packed with twinks or tweens. The menu seems reasonable too. I'll post the pictures as soon as I get hold of them. It was a fun night.

Aside from The Reserve, Erin and I were also supposed to drop by Rockwell. Emerging fashion designer and fellow blogger friend Xernan invited us to a fashion event in connection with the Brazilian themed event Carna-Manila. But alas, the night was too short so we didn't make it.

Today, hearts day, I went to Binondo with H for the chinese new year celebrations. I'll post the photos in a bit. Let me just breathe for a while because I am beyond exhausted.


  1. We had fun with you! Sobrang fun na nawala ko pa gamit ko. I can't wait to see our pics! Gonna tag you pag ako naunang makita. More parties with you, dahling! XX I love Maurice, puta!
    - Erin

  2. Eww Maurice! Hahahah... See you again soon.