Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Reservations at The Reserve

Here are the pictures from last Saturday night's revelry.

Meet Reg, Ingrid, Ina, Margeo, Marga and Erina Lareanu.
I agreed to go when Erin invited me to this night-out because he gave me the impression that only 1 or 2 of his girl friends will be coming. But lo and behold, there was five of them! So I got a little shy at first. I'm not so good with meeting friends of friends you see. Everything turned out fine though.

I say Tim! You say DJ! LOL

Erin loved Ingrid's gift for him that he wore it immediately. He later lost the original top he was wearing that night. Lumandi pa kasi sa Malate!

We didn't have reservations so the five of us ended up with this tiny table, al fresco. And I think there was a private party or something that night. It turned out to be a good thing because the place was seriously packed inside. It was so hard to navigate through the Saturday night crowd.

Next time again?

All in all, it was great hanging out with the girls (Erin included) and The Reserve was a great venue for such a fun night.


Check out Ingrid's uber hip yet wearable clothes here, and Xernan Orticio's fantastic fashion creations here.

Photos: Erin, Ina Mislang, The Reserve/Tye Corcuera

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