Friday, June 18, 2010

Men and Apartments

I'm on it again. I have to move so the hunt for a new apartment is on. This time, I'll be living alone, unless my friend H decides to join me.

As usual, looking for a new place is a drag. It's like looking for a boyfriend or partner---not in the way that you're literally scouring Manila for that special someone of course. But both are hard to achieve especially if you're not willing to settle for anything less than what you had in mind eventhough you really don't have all that much to give. Then again, we really shouldn't just "settle" for anything.

There's this place that's on the top of my list. It's just across where my cousins and I live now. It definitely needs some major cleaning but it's quite spacious for one occupant and the price is not bad. However, I was informed today that the current tenants have decided not to move so that place is no longer an option.

It's much like the way this guy that I met last month has been saying he's really starting to like me both times we spent intimate moments together yet never bothers to make his presence felt when we're apart. I was starting to like him too. But it's a good thing I'm realizing this early that he's no longer an option.

There are guys out there who appear to be very eligible. Unfortunately, like the nicer spaces I've checked out, they ask for too much. I'm just not sure whether these are really good deals or not worth what I would have to give up.

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