Thursday, July 01, 2010

Closet Case

Greetings from my new humble abode.

Naturally, everything's still a mess. What thrills me the most about this place though is the closet space. It's insane. My cousin joked about my room being a big closet with lots of cabinets. Even the kitchen is hoarder friendly.

Aside from the small ones on top, there are four big cabinets and each can fit two or three average sized people inside.

Tonight, I'll be sleeping on the floor again. But it doesn't matter. I'm excited to clean and fill this room with my stuff.

I asked the landlady today if I can repaint one of the walls. She seemed concerned and asked what color I wanted. I said I'm not sure yet. I was certain she would have said no if she knew it's crimson that I have in mind.--Yes, like Mr. Big's in Sex and the City!

"I'll check with the owner," my landlady hesitantly said.

Well, it's not like they really have to know. Right?

Pet owners who let their bitches defecate anywhere should be shot. More on that in a different post.