Saturday, July 03, 2010

Toilet Drama

For now, Handyman is my new Topman.

Our toilet bowl has a visor and the tiles need new grouting. Grout is a new word I learned last night.

Let me just say first that I enjoy shopping for housewear. I love buying/looking at furniture, furnishings and home improvement items. I did not know, however, that buying a toilet seat cover can be so friggin' stressful. I have had to go back to Handyman Do It Center three times in the last three days.

Fine, it's really my fault. Shoot me for not having a tape measure or a ruler even. The first toilet seat cover I got looked fabulous. My cousin even hugged the damn thing. Unfortunately, it was too small. So the following day, I went back and it exchanged for a bigger, less fabulous looking one. (I also got paint and a dust mask among other things.) It was too big and it wouldn't stay up when lifted. So this evening, I paid Handyman yet another visit. The one I got earlier gets second place in aesthetic. It fit the bowl perfectly. Keeping it up takes some technique but whatever. I am done carrying a toilet seat cover back and forth. There are other parts of the apartment that I also need to take care of you know.


  1. Taking care of domestic matters does provide a semblance of order and peace. LOL.

  2. Oh yes. I want a place that makes me want to look forward to going home.