Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Rants

Busy Weekend

Last Wednesday, after so much stress and waiting, I was finally able to pass all the requirements for my graduate school application. I took the admissions test the following Saturday.

Just in time, I walked into the building with my backpack, overnight bag and blank expression and immediately noticed the other applicants at the lobby. I didn't talk to anyone of course. I did spot one cutie though.

When I opened the test booklet, I knew the first part of the test was going to be disastrous. It was Mathematics with algebraic equations and some formulas that almost cost me my college education. Calculators were not allowed so I only relied on instincts most of the time. Out of all 40 items, there were only about five answers that I was really sure of.

The second and third parts of the exam, English comprehension and essay writing respectively, were fine. But I'm already considering other options in case I don't get in. Prostitution is on the top of my list

After screwing up the exam, I went straight to Jollibee to comfort myself with processed food high in cholesterol, salt and sugar. Then off I went to Subic for a wedding. It was my first time to travel alone via bus. I made it just in time for the reception where, for the first time, I was convinced to join the other guys in avoiding the garter.

The rest of the weekend was spent bonding with two good friends as we enjoyed the laid back environment of Subic. It was a great way to somehow take my mind off Mathematics and other sources of stress.

Weather Worries

As of writing, the wind is scarily fierce, the rain doesn't sound pleasant at all and electricity's out. My laptop is left with only 10% battery life. Typhoon Basyang has officially hit Manila. Oh dear God, please spare us.

Let's hope this doesn't get worse.


My Lola is in the hospital. We just found out she has cancer. Things are not looking good. I don't know anymore.

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