Monday, October 25, 2010

Eat Pray Whine

What do you do if your restroom is getting retiled and you can't use it for the next four hours or so? You curse your overactive bladder of course and make it a good excuse to go see a movie and call it a social life.

If my weekends are not spent buried in school work, I do it by attending to home improvements and chores. As I've mentioned, my wall is finally finished. This time around, the part of the apartment that kept me concerned is the restroom which is finally getting retiled after weeks and weeks of reminding the owner. The contractor has been on it since yesterday. I thought everything will be done by this afternoon but no, they need one more day. And since tomorrow (or today) is a holiday, the retiling won't get finished until Tuesday. It's so frustrating.

Anyway, after hearing mass, H (good friend and now housemate) and I went to Greenbelt for dinner with another friend. The two of us then watched 'Eat Pray Love' which is a very long yet entertaining movie. I like it because it has food, travel and romance. It touches a few, important philosophical matters that most grown men and women can relate to. Also, James Franco is in it.

It was almost 2am when we got home. Now, taking a bath means standing on a puddle of this cement-like tile adhesive which, as we were told, should be dry by this evening. But it's not. What a mess. Whatever. Tomorrow's another day; one with no work so that's awesome. Good night!

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