Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Interesting Afternoon

I was in Makati today when MFG and I decided to meet up and grab a bite. He asked me to give him an hour so I used the time by depositing money for the rent. Then I had nowhere else to go so I wandered around and found this place called Alexa's Deli along H.V. Dela Costa.

I expected a price point similar to that of Starbucks so I was pleasantly surprised upon seeing AD's. They have a slightly less expensive selection of cold and hot drinks, sandwiches, pasta dishes and pastries. Being a wine shop, they also serve wine and cheese, which is awesome.

What I love is it's nestled in the middle of the business district yet it's not noisy or buzzing or crowded unlike other coffee shops.

The interiors are not bad. Although I'm not so sure about that wall vinyl.

Slightly hungry, I decided to have something light. Their chicken empanada was actually good but it's their house iced tea that's more memorable.

I'd love to go back to this charming sanctuary in the middle of the city. It really has a modern, laid back vibe that I like.

Apres AD, I decided to walk to Amici at the Ayala Triangle where I told MFG I'll meet him. Thank goodness for the cool January breeze, I barely broke a sweat.

I love this part of Makati. It's a refreshing patch of greenery amidst a jungle of concrete and glass.

It was MFG who decided on Amici. He wanted the original one at Don Bosco but I said I didn't want to go there so I informed him that I was at the one in Ayala. Despite that, he still went to the other one which was irritating. He apparently was in house clothes so he didn't want to be walking around Ayala.

Fuming, I left Amici- Ayala and tried to hail a cab to no avail. I gave up and just hopped into a jeepney. A few seconds upon settling in, MFG sent a text saying (begrudgingly) he was already on his way to Ayala. So I got off at the next stop and marched back. It was a mess. To make the long story short, we both got upset. After endless text messaging and walking, we were finally seated facing each other at Amici- Ayala.

During the first few minutes, he was being uncomfortably quiet. Then finally, he unloaded. He started to bitch about the whole thing which is exactly what I would have done had we ended up at Don Bosco. I have to say, it was really great of him to come over despite "looking like the house help". (His words! Not mine!)

The so-so meal was filled with the usual banter, his sermon, laughter; he in his house garb and slippers, me in my half-assed corporate attire with a crumpled shirt.

I forgot to mention that I actually had work today and I just stepped out for a while to be in Makati. Hence, the phone call from the office while we were waiting for the bill. It was already dark when we went out.

You know how impossible it is to get a cab around the business district during rush hour so we agreed to walk to Makati Avenue, which is where MFG lives.

We noticed a crowd gathering around this vintage looking car at Petron. I'm not sure what their deal is.

A (White) Family Driving Around the World

It was almost 7pm when MFG and I parted ways. Save for the slight misunderstanding, I wish all afternoons were like this; breezy, fun and comforting.