Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Embassy Bitch Who Needs to Get Laid Stat

You know how I abhor doing transactions in government offices and the like? Well, I just had another unfortunate brush with one of the flame-breathing monsters in this cesspit of hell.

After being slightly scolded for being late, I went straight to the South African embassy yesterday morning as an errand for my uncle who also happens to be my boss.

When I got to the embassy at RCBC, I was relieved that there was no line. I waited patiently while this foreign (Turkish?) woman with a baby on her arms cheerfully chatted with the consul. Then came my turn after not even 5 minutes of waiting.

For a moment, I thought the middle-aged, Filipino consul didn't see me because she was too busy arranging some files on a table a few feet from the window. Then she came over and had me place the documents on the bin. She removed the folder and the slide as well as the money and put them back on the bin with force. After a few minutes of reviewing the requirements, she told me the errors and the lacking documents with no hint at all of friendliness or willingness to help. Hesitant, I muster the guts to ask questions which she answered begrudgingly.

It's no different on the phone. I'm not sure if it's the same person who takes the calls in this office but bitch also has an attitude.

I came back this morning hoping yesterday was just an off-day. Maybe she was going through a hard time? Who knows? Fair enough, when the same consul approached the window, I thought she seemed more pleasant. Without saying a word, she opened the bin which I took as a sign for me to put the documents sans folder, slide and money. After expecting each document, barely moving her lips she said bluntly , "Paste the photos," and threw in the form, pictures and glue in the bin. Apparently, bitch still had a giant spear stuck up her old, wrinkly ass.

"The marriage certificate will be returned upon claiming the visa, right?" I asked.

"Yes," bitch said icily.

It was a relief we finally got it right this time. If I have to go back and face that old hag again, I swear I may just lose it and go all psycho on her ass.


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