Sunday, January 02, 2011


If the first day of the year is any indication of how the rest of 2011 will be, then I'm in for a lot of cooking, watching Modern Family, Facebook, and hours of unproductive online wandering.

I ended up spending  new year's eve at my friend's place in Cubao and celebrated with her family. It was fun but quite uneventful. When I went home via cab, we passed by this accident at EDSA involving a tricycle (I know!) and a Montero. The cab driver turned on the radio and it turns out there were two kids involved. What a horrible, horrible way to start the year.

Today, I realized I'm out of garlic. So I decided to take a walk to the market a couple of blocks away. What greeted me is the scene pictured above. There was a riot I think. Great.

There's so much negative vibes. I, for one, haven't been great. It's been pretty boring, sucky even. Gawd. I'm not holding my breath for it since there's a ton of work waiting for me, but I hope tomorrow will be a much better day.

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