Monday, May 16, 2011

Consumer Corner: Now Toasting

Not a lot of people get it, but I love having an oven toaster. It's just awesome having one really. It goes beyond just toasting bread. For some reason though, I never got to buying one considering it's not really an expensive home appliance. When I recently got one, I was so excited I almost broke into a song and dance number.

I got it at SM and being the picky, fickle buyer that I am, it took me at least an hour to finally decide which to get. (Seriously, I'm blogging about a toaster. Get over it.)

Here's one that I didn't get but made me learn about how SM does business.

This Kyowa toaster was priced P849.75 at SM Homeworld. It's not even discounted.

The same exact toaster with the same model code was at around P600.00 at SM Appliance Center. The sales rep confirmed the price difference. Sorry for the picture quality. I used my phone.

It really helps to take your time. This is why shopping can be so exhausting for me. I always need to check all my options. But knowing you picked the best buy makes it worth the time and effort.

This is a new segment that I intend to do from time to time. Some give love advice, I'll be dishing out raves and rants on cook wear, trinkets, appliances, services, and what have you.

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