Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movies Other Than Batman

For some reason, I've been watching more movies than usual recently. It's may be because I've run out of Kathy Griffin videos to entertain myself with, Video City still exists in my neighborhood, and I've recently discovered a part of YouTube with full-length movies that are hard to find.

I don't know about you but I lose my patience very easily which is why I consider it an accomplishment whenever I finish an entire movie in one sitting. It's like a mild ADHD that has resulted in me favoring short films and TV series over full-length features, and essays and anecdotes over novels.

There's really nothing like staying in during a stormy afternoon, in bed cloaked in a thick comforter and curiously following the plot of a movie you've never really heard about before.

Here's a few titles I enjoyed and you might also want to check out.

Emir - It's a tale of an Ilocana forced to try her luck in the Middle East as a nanny to a crowned prince. She experiences what every OFW does and more as war breaks out confusing her priorities.

Had I known this was a musical, I don't think I would have given it the time of day but I'm glad I did and patiently waited even through less than stellar song numbers. It's a touching story and I can't believe I haven't heard about this Filipino movie before.

Hot Boy Noi Loan - This gay-themed, Vietnamese flick is a strange love story revolving around three characters in a messy entanglement. Unlike most films with a similar theme, this one is far from being a snuff fest (sorry?) and actually has an interesting story to tell.

3 Idiots - Another subtitled movie, this one, which I have heard about before, took me more patience; the movie is almost 3 hours long! As with many Indian movies, this one features a few song and dance numbers, one of which is still stuck in my head. It's a story of three friends going through life in engineering school and beyond. It's funny but it also made me tear up.

Ah, to be able to soak up some culture and escape for a little bit. I think we can all use more of such movies.

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