Monday, July 30, 2012

Reuniting with 'Jeffrey'

I was a curious, elementary school boy when I first chanced upon this gem on TV. Since then, I've longed to see it again but only got to do so once more many years back. Good thing I remembered the title, and since I've been on a YouTube viewing spree lately, voila!

Until  re-watching it recently, all I could honestly remember about 'Jeffrey' aside from the title, is the gym scene where Jeffrey is being confronted by another guy's crotch while he's on the bench press. That was surely enough to make me want to see it again. That image has embedded in my little, almost innocent mind since.

It turns out the film is actually more socially relevant --and less sexually explicit--than I thought. It's wonderful nonetheless. I can totally relate to the paranoia that HIV has caused and its implications on someone's dating life (read: it sucks).

Set in New York City, the treatment is very reminiscent of Sex and the City--season 1, that is. It's not teeming with scenes that make blood rush to the nether regions but it certainly offers important inputs for the mind and the heart which a lot of folks in the gay community should consider. Also, Patrick Stewart is in it and he is fantasticles.

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