Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Night of Exes

Today is the birthday of my ex-girlfriend. I know. Shut up. We're friends.

This evening, Erin and I met up for dinner which turned into a very late one because he didn't show up until past 9! We hung out at Mary Grace briefly then walked to the food trucks between Glorietta and Shang. While waiting for our food, I spotted this guy I talked to once or twice before over BBM. No big deal. Then, on my way back to our table, I practically literally bumped into that (part-time) model I used to go on dates with. I always thought he was such a nice guy so I attempted to say hi but he looked away. That was strange, I thought. I don't remember doing anything to him to be ignored. I just know that we're too different from each other, that's why it didn't work out. I had a feeling I'm going to see him again and true enough, I did when were walking out of the area and he looked away again! I know he saw me. He was with a guy, who could be his boyfriend, but really? No 'Hi' or even a quick nod?

It really boggled me. I'm still wondering--not because I'm attracted to him but because I just expected more from him. Or maybe this is guilt.

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