Sunday, April 07, 2013

Workout Music

Here's the new theme song of my life.

My friends and I were in Dillingers last night and this song played! You know I almost lost my shit. I didn't get to get up and dance though. It didn't seem right, even after three bottles of beer.

Anyway, this song is also one of my favorite workout tracks. Yup, I went to the gym yesterday after almost a year of negligence. I think I've mentioned several times that I don't really enjoy working out that much but thanks to my updated playlist, getting fit was a little more enjoyable.

Here are other songs that keep me going on the treadmill:

Cliché - Hey Champ
Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
Clarity - Zedd feat. Foxes
Safe and Sound - Capital Cities

Here's to good health and great music!

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