Sunday, May 12, 2013

How I Found My New Love

I was stalking a guy on my way to Rustan's to try on Native shoes for our then upcoming photo shoot at the beach when I ended up in this small store in Glorietta. I have been desperately looking for sandals or "mandals" for some time now but I realized I needed something that can withstand the elements, especially once the rainy season comes in so the leather ones at Zara were out of the question. For the lack of better choices, I was down to Native's boat shoes and some very basic flipflops at Aldo.

We were on separate escalators going opposite directions when I caught a glimpse of the buff guy. While he wasn't exactly my type, my compulsive stalking did lead me to this.

As always, this pair was out of my budget (neither did I wear them to our shoot) but I thought the purchase would be worth it. They look durable and since they appear to be a cross between sandals and shoes, it's really like hitting two birds with one cash withdrawal. I actually find them weird but I think it makes them more interesting, like conversation pieces. Come to think of it, that's also pretty much the kind of guy I've been drawn towards.