Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mr. Movie Date

Right from the start, I already had an inkling that it wouldn't work. This is why it took  me almost a month to finally send him a text. His immediate response was, "Hi. Horny?". Not what I was hoping for but I can't say I wasn't tempted. Surprisingly, that exchange of messages didn't lead to me being a trick but a future date.

That date was last night. Before we could finalize the plan of meeting up, he was very clear about his disinterest towards effeminate guys. This was understandable. I told him honestly about where I place in the scale and sent pictures. "See you Friday :)," he said, sealing the deal.

I knew yesterday was going to be a physically taxing day at work so I brought an extra shirt. Casual Friday started with a teal tee with a nice glittery print in front. For the date, I brought out this nice, navy 5cm shirt that I must have worn only five times (or less) since I got it about four years ago. It's special like that. It also has a less casual feel, which made it more appropriate for the occasion.

One of my favorite shirts.

After changing into my second look in the men's room, I proceeded to the cinemas where he had been waiting. I walked towards him hoping everything turns out fine. He looked good. But he may have lied about his age. I don't know. His profile says 32 but he actually looked a tad older, maybe 37? In any case, he appeared fit and neat. What struck me later on was his resemblance to The Chef; from the looks to the manner of speaking! It's was 2009 all over again except there wasn't as much chemistry last night. No affection, no naughtiness. no intimacy. He was stiff in a way that I don't like. Or he just was not interested.

It was apparent that the disparity didn't stop with age. The choice of activity itself was off.  As he had suggested, we watched Iron Man 3.Watching a movie on a first date? Not a good idea if you're really aiming to get to know each other. We didn't even eat after the movie. He was nice enough to drive me home, though. It was during that ride when it became even clearer that there's just nothing there. What's good was we both handled it decently, I think, like two civilized individuals who respect each other. We talked about his chihuahua, our respective jobs, hometowns and families--chunks of silent moments in between. It's safe to assume the pleasantries we uttered before I shut the car door were the last words we would hear from each other.


  1. i usually buy myself a nice shirt after a bad date. recovery never felt as good as a brand new shirt.

    1. That's interesting but I think I'd rather laugh about it with friends over drinks. :)

  2. Well..Some things just don't work :)