Monday, January 01, 2007

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

The past days have been crrrazy. Absolutely unbelievable. I've been intending to write about it sooner but I was either too busy or the connection's fucked up again.

Anyway... Oh, what's that? The garage sale? Oh. HAHAHAHAH... It was a success. Gawd. Who would've known. I was wishing to make at least P3,OOO but God is good. Or rather, people are starving so they need cheaper clothing options? Kidding. We got a total of a bitching P13,000+. I love it. Ten grand more than what I wished for.

I wanted to take pictures but I just didn't have time. I initiated this whole thing so i had to be there the whole time. We opened at 9 AM of Saturday and there were already customers at 9:01 AM. Seriously, it's overwhelming.

Here's another unexpected thing. I invited a couple of people to the sale including my ex who was too busy. SO, the new boy came instead, with some company. He liked my super old yellow Nike rubber shoes I used to wear in high school. I got those for like P5,000+ and I got it for sale at P1,800. Anyway, it was a total surprise when this silver car pulled up in front of our garage then in comes this guy who introduced himself as the boyfriend of *****. I was so fucking surprised. I really didn't expect anything like that. Anyway, he liked my stuff including the shoes. He bought a couple of stuff for himself and for my ex and told me he's gonna pick up the shoes the following day. Anyway, to cut it short, he didn't get the shoes when he came back the next day. He said they're just too big. He says he's an 81/2 and the shoes are 11. HAHAHAH... That's after he talked me into dropping the price to 1.3K. Ugh. I hate it. Fucking cheapskate! I'm kidding. Whatever.

All in all, the sale was great. In fact, it was supposed to be a one-day affair. But since the turn-out was so great and there were still stuff left by Saturday afternoon, we decided to have a second swing the following day. It's just so wonderful. By the way, the whole family ended up digging thru their stuff and joined the sale. Hahahah... It was crazy. FUN FUN FUN. Definitely.

I was able to get rid of stuff I no longer want that much AND earned 5K+. Fantastic.

Moving on...

Happy New Year! I hope this one's a better one. 2006 was a blast. Bittersweet memories still linger around my insides but I don't even wanna reminisce last year's roller coaster ride. I have no time for drama right now. But seriously, those 12 months was one hell of a time in my life.

I'd love to blab a little more but my face is sooo oily right now it could put Saudi Arabia to shame. I'm gonna go wash up and whatever else.

I'm so tired by the way. Been doing a lot of stuff lately. We have guests in the house and I'm playing host, or something. At the same time, I'm savoring every minute of this break. In fact, I might be doing a little too muvh savoring. Gawd. I've been binge eating. My tummy looks like a friggin' blimp. Oh well, it's the holidays so spare me the guilt.

Good night. Bye.

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