Monday, January 29, 2007

Random Rants

I know. I have not updated in a long while. Okay, let's get it rollin'

The Pageant
I didn't win the friggin' pageant but I got 5th place (out of 11 guys). I'm not conceited, I'm just being honest, but I deserve more than just 5th place. Seriously, you can ask everyone who watched the show. Anway, it's done and over with so I'm glad I can live my life again now.

Gold Shoes
Remember the earnings I got from the garage sale? I spent a part of it on a pair gold shoes.

School Bull
Classes are back and I'm not liking it. There's a kilometer-long list of things I have to do. Responsibilities! Responsibilities! Ugh. I wanna graduate already dammit.

I've been dry for weeks. Ugh.



That's fucking hot.


Gotta go. I have to piss and I have to see my skin doctor. Ciao.

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