Saturday, September 08, 2007

"I will burn in hell for being implusive."

My throat still hurts. Gawd, this has been going on for 8 days now! I swear to god I'm being punished for having sex with strangers. Although there has been some improvements, I can't say I'm really perfectly well now. Oh who am I kidding, I never am.

Anyway, yesterday, I thought I've had enough. I've lost enough time already. I mean, gawd, I've missed three days of work already, a facial and a shopping spree. So I decided to get out of this hole one scorching Friday afternoon to pay the bills, pick up a webcam and maybe look around the mall for "targets". Two hours later, I'm hyperventilating at People R People because of these lovely shoes. They're like half espradilles, half something. I loved them. I was *this close to a very impulsive buy when I realized they're not really all that. Then I went to Topman and I knew right then and there shopping will be the main reason why I'll end up in a curb one day with nothing to eat and only have my wardrobe with me. Thank goodness I managed to restrain myself and only bought this pair of super cool glasses. I love, love 'em.

To make it short, I did buy a webcam although it was way out of my budget plus I bought these shades simply because I thought they look great on me and they came knock knock knockin' on my shallow heart's door.

So, with me back to being broke and clearly realizing that I have sinned, I went straight to the church, which is the first time in months by the way. Yes, I prayed and I prayed for more shopping in the future. I'm kidding. Hahahahah... I clearly had to cleanse my soul so there.

After church, I went to another mall to pay the bills and picked up some groceries. Then I went straight back to the condo and took photos of myself with my new sunnies. It was a productive day.

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