Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sick Birthday

Yup, I made it to my 21st birthday. Well, barely. Jusus mother of gawd, I've been sick for 4 straight days now. I was literally hot during my birthday and my throat/tonsils have been killing. I swear to god I want to get theses nasty useless crap taken out of my system. What do you call that operation and how much does that cost again?

Anyway, I celebrated at my Aunt's house and she's been lovely. My cousins were great too. It's just so horrible how I spent my birthday at the emergency room of this crappy hospital near my Aunt's place.

Because of this friggin' sickness, I had to miss work for two days! Ugh. Honestly, this is just too much. I got my parents worried sick about me at home and my paycheck for this month is stil empty. What a way to welcome 21. I'm soooo sick of being sick, seriously.

I didn't even get to eat my chocolate cake as much as I wanted to! And oh, because I brought limited supply of clothes at my Aunt's, I had to wear Von Dutch on my birthday! Yes! Von Dutch in 2007! WTF?!

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