Monday, February 25, 2008

Working Hard and Playing Harder

I hope I lose weight from not getting enough sleep.

I was up from 4 PM, Saturday until 1 AM, Monday. That's about 33 hours of being up and conscious.

I don't have all the time and energy to elaborate but basically, here's how it went chronologically:

1. Dinner at Glorietta with friends
2. Walking and camera whoring around Greenbelt with the same company
3. Work, work, work
4. Enchanted Kingdom with sister and a family friend

I do need the diversion and I didn't miss a beat. Gawd, it was so much fun. And I'm proud I didn't call in sick at work in favor of my monkey business. I'm such a noble professional. Ugh.

I love it that I got to bond with my friends again. (Shey are you reading this?! Ugh. I think you missed one revolution of the earth. We had zo much fun, you know. Hahahah... I know, you're in a difficult time right now. I'm praying for you)

Greenbelt 5 is definitely uber chic and it was fun molesting the place with Joenessa and Yala. This place gives me more reasons to save up.

EK is well, enchanting. It's so awesome to be able to be a kid again once in a while. Too bad the Space Shuttle, the ultimate, ultimate thriller, was closed. Such a bummer. It was so fun nonetheless. I had wet underwear all the while thanks to the Rio Grande Rapids. It was a very full day, err, day and a half rather.

Watch me levitate, see us fly, get wet and cam whore all over the place. Here's why the batteries of my camera got 100% drained:

Me and friends at the new, super plush mall Greenbelt 5

Hitting up premiere theme park Enchanted Kingdom right after work

Did you observe how my mouth opens when I jump up? Hahahahh... Gawd, that was a looong, fantastic day.


  1. Ang ganda ng jumping effect ha! Ilang lbs ang nawala?

  2. Mga 2 lbs. Hahahah... Pero I gained i back later on when we had dinner. :p