Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Halloween Tricks and Treats

Five locations. One shopper. Too much goodies.
Today is Friday, pay day and shopping day. I scoured half of town for a major retail therapy. It's very interesting because I did the same thing at Rockwell last year. Since all my loved ones who have passed away are all buried in my hometown and camping with relatives at the cemetery is something I cannot enjoy here in Manila, I thought I'd go shop the Halloween away.
The Lacoste, Plains and Prints and Backstage items are not for myself but I sure did enjoy buying them. Besides, I'm very much contented with my Theodore's and Springfield steals.
On today's episode, our eternal lonesome loser goes to multiple consumerism hubs in Manila to fill the void of homesickness and solitaire. Below are a couple of things you can do should you wish to tread the same path---risk going bankrupt and donate all your money to Store Specialist Inc., etc... Ladies and gents, welcome to How to Spend Your Free Time Spending Your Meager Income!
With barely 5 hours of sleep, head to Makati Cinema Square to look for local indie films and Spanish movies. If you don't have luck finding Spanish movies, just get four Filipino indie titles.
Apres MCS, head to Glorietta to purchase 8 tickets for the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. Get the bronze ones because you're too poor to get the expensivo tickets.
Go to Burger King and fill your aching stomach due to extreme hunger. Be patient because there's never a vacant table until a couple of minutes of holding your tray going back and forth.
Then proceed to Greenbelt to buy your father's Lacoste shirts. Go to Starbucks and waste all the precious albeit boring time you spend at the gym.
Get a cab and go to The Fort upon learning from Bryanboy and Chuvaness a couple of days ago that there's a major sale going on at Theodore's The Store.
Before going to the store du jour however, drop by Backstage first. Buy a gift for a friend and get your picture taken shamelessly by one of the sales representatives.
This my first time to go to Backstage and I definitely want to go back.

Before heading to Theodore's, wander and get distracted like you always do. Head to Springfield where you remember seeing cute red and yellow shoes!

These jeans are so tight they can pass off as leggings! My nuts were tortured.

Fume upon knowing that the same guy you saw shopping at Glorietta came there first and was clever enough to reserve the last remaining pair of the same size 42 shoes in red that you were planning to get. Request the lovely sales rep to call their other branches and check availability of the same kicks. Since there's one pair left at Robinson's Manila, have it held.

Finally, hit up Theodore's while ogling over the fantastic costumes of kids and adults alike as you work your way through the crowd.
You step into the store and you can't decide which direction you go first. Your heartbeat goes hysterical while checking out the amazing selection of S**** London shoes on sale.

The very accommodating sales rep with brown eyes points to a white True Love & False Idols shirt with a gold "THIS SHIT HERE SELLS ITSELF" (or something like that) print. You fall in love with it but later forget about it because it's stained, which is why they're cutting the price in half, and they don't have it in medium.

Gawd. Look at my skin!

You settle for another white TFL shirt but still continue to loiter. The sales rep suggested that you check out their Cheap Monday jeans selection. You try one on and bam! Perfect fit. You decide to get it. You're convinced Mr. Sales Rep is very good with his job, it also helps that he's quite cute.


As you sign the guest book, you see Celine Lopez's name and number. You entertained the thought of getting her number just for shits and giggles.

Intoxicated with consumerism, you exit the store and find throngs of people, young, old, beautiful, hot, not, running laps around the block, some of whom in complete Halloween regalia.

I really should have brought the camera!

I would've considered joining this marathon(?)/race(?) had I known about it. I'd be Elvis.

What's up bitches?

Not giving up without a fight, you race to Robinson's Manila to pick up the apparently coveted red shoes in size 42. Three lbs of sweat later, they're yours at 30% off.

Just before going home, you drop by Plains and Prints and get leggings for your sister.

You go home with contentment, high with the wonders of shopping.

A big chunk of my salary went to:

  • Red canvas shoes from Springfield
  • Jeans from Cheap Monday (Theodore's)
  • White True Love & False Idols shirt (Theodore's)
  • DVDs from MCS
Theodore's even threw in a cute notepad!

Shop 'til you drop? I say shop 'til you lose a limb.
Today's outfit: Oversize shirt from Fossil (a hand-me-down), uber skinny jeans from an ukay-ukay store in Iloilo, shoes from People are People, vintage wayfarers, and wooden ring from Boracay.


  1. your outfit reminds me of laura hollins, man! :-) hahaha! my god, james, naiinggit ako sa skinniiiiesss mo!!! i lab et!

  2. Agyness or gayness? Hahahah... Very hipster kasi.

    I got the pants for only P100. Swear.

  3. Hahaha! whenever we go ukay-ukay-ing, we make it a point that the items we buy are less than 60(each). nevertheless, having those chic pants for a hundred is a chic steal, mr. fab! ;-)

    carry on being fasshhhhyyyoooown. and i haven't been to theodore's. sana mura lang dun. :-)

  4. you would be such fun to have whilst shopping (ukay, that is.) for whatevers.. :-)

  5. Thanks Valentine! I am. Hahahah...