Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friday Fantastic

It's normal for me to walk so much during my free time looking around malls and picking up a thing or two. I normally don't mind hopping from point A in the North to somewhere in the South.

Yesterday was no difference. I walked so much I literally have blisters on my left foot right now.

Pre-haircut shot. The shirt is from Folded and Hung, the shorts are from Dockers, the shoes from Springfield and the bag is from Zara.

I have been whining about getting a haircut for weeks now. My usual stylist at Piandre was not around yet again yesterday (health issues I think) so I decided to go to Gateway and revisit Menage Salon.

Goodbye emo, helmet hair.

Hello shorter, sleeker do.

I'm pretty happy with my haircut. I'm done with the emo kid, helmet hair for now but it's good that the stylist didn't cut it too short. I'm planning to wear it slicked back with more shine just like in the pictures with the help of Bench Fix Agent Bond Styling Gum. But I can only do that on special days when I actually have time to pay attention to my hair before I walk out the door. Otherwise, it's the usual, matte, unkempt do for me.

After Gateway, I went to Glorietta, Landmark and Greenbelt to buy some things and grabbed a bite at Burger King. Gawd, I love Burger King.

My sister invited me to join her and her friends watch Twilight at Greenbelt last night but I can barely walk anymore so I decided to just go home and call it a night. That was around 9:30 PM.

While online at 1 am. my cousin, who lives in Mandaluyong, told me he and his girlfriend together with his sister will go to Makati to eat. Yeah, at 1 fucking AM. So I joined them because I was so friggin' hungry anyway. We went to Mang Inasal where we stuffed our faces with grilled chicken and rice laced with chicken fat. There goes that morning's gym time.

I went home around 3 am. That's my Friday. How was yours? Later.


  1. fuhridey funtastic, james! i want to have a haircut na rin. =( JAMMMMMEEEESSSSSS!!! Sobra, te! sobrang naeexcite ako. may mangyayari sa december 12.

    kinakabahan pero ubod ng saya,

  2. Why? What's going on? Are you getting laid on that day? :P

  3. BTW, my friday went well. THE USUAL BOOZE. I was with some OB montessori schoolmates who are all boys. I hope so, James. CANT WAITTTTT!!