Thursday, November 06, 2008

Random Rants

Free Time

Psyched would be the perfect word to describe me right now. My one-day leave from work got approved and it's absolutely fantastic. Seriously, that's like rain in the Sahara or a lunar eclipse.

The thing though is I don't know what to do with all that time in my hands. My cousin's birthday party on Saturday is not happening so I have no idea what I'll do. It certainly doesn't help that I'm broke because of the shopping I succumbed to. Oh well. Let's see. I might as well just enjoy this.



I'm not really into politics but for some reason I care about the USA election. Congratulations Obama! I trust Momma Oprah's taste so I think America is in good hands. Seriously though, he has yet to prove himself but I think he won't disappoint. If only Filipino politicians would be at least... Oh I won't even go there.

Proposition 8 won?! Boo!

Philip, Aries or Veejay?

I can't wait for the finale of Project Runway Philippines! I saw the first half today and I must say all three collections seem very strong in different ways.

I think Aries is an amazing designer who delivers in terms of style level and construction. He has been very consistent all throughout the show. He tends to boast sometimes but we're looking for the Philippines' next top designer here, not a role model.

Veejay has been in the mainstream fashion industry for a while now and it shows. He may have had a couple of slip-ups in the show but he certainly knows what he's doing. I appreciate the fact that his designs are never overly done yet still chic and edgy.

Philip has a good attitude-- I just had to point that out. He knows what women want. His designs are always very feminine and the construction of his pieces are never compromised. What he lacks in versatility, he somehow makes up for in execution and design concept.

I love all three of them. Each designer is a strong contender, but I think Aries Lagat deserves the win.

We'll know very soon.

Please DO NOT even give me a clue or hint whatsoever of who won if for some reason you already know the results. Ok? Thank you.


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