Friday, November 14, 2008

Sleepless Generation

They say this is the Prozac generation. But when Prozac, Xanax and Valium are not within your reach, what do you resort to? Antihistamine of course!

My sister and I have been fans of Allerin for quite a while now but it hasn't been working very well for me lately. That's why I started taking Seroquel, a bipolar disorder drug given by Mr. MedRep months ago.
I've been keeping the drug untouched all this time until 2 weeks ago when I desperately needed some sleep. As told by Mr. MedRep, this shit is hardcore. So much so that he gave me only one tablet. I just break or slice a very tiny portion and down it with water then I'd be knocked out after a couple of minutes. It's really promising. It's perfect for long, undisrupted slumber (not for 20-minute power naps).

Seroquel is obviously not an over-the-counter medicine so taking it without any medication from a physician is definitely risky which is why I only take it once or twice a week when the Zs are too elusive.

Jeezus, what the hell happened to us that getting some sleep takes so much?

Anyway, click here for more information about Seroquel.

As usual, I am merely sharing my experience in this post and there is no way that I am adveritising/recommending Seroquel, or any drug for that matter, to anyone. And remember, OD-ing and pulling a Heath Ledger is never cool.

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  1. Gosh. Ur too young for these drugs! Mag Tylenol PM ka na lang.

  2. Yeah, that's why I don't take it very often.

    *Researching Tylenol*