Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beyond Hectic

Jeezus I don't even know where to begin talking about how cramped I have been with things to do. So far, I'm 99.9% done with Christmas shopping after God knows how many trips to the mall. I've also attended three Christmas parties as of writing.

The yuletide season is exciting and fun but I now totally get how The Grinch came about.

Anyway, the parentals (plus little cousin) flew in today. So that's great. Too bad I'm not feeling so well right now. All the stress I've been under lately has taken its toll on my health.

Here's a couple of pictures from the past week.

Probably the most stressful part of Christmas is shopping for gifts. The malls are packed crazy and the pressure to give the most ideal gifts to friends and family doesn't help. I'm glad I only have two more to get.

Once... twice... three times the waiter. This is me looking like a part of the catering crew at our Monte Carlo themed Christmas party at the SMX. I only stayed for 2 hours because I wasn't feeling very well.

Last night, Jules, Robbie and I had our own little Christmas party as well at Chili's. I really had fun. Nothing beats dinner with friends and hefty servings of sinful, calorific food.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to whip up three dishes for our little Christmas eve feast. So good luck to me.

Gawd, I so want to be at the beach on New Year's. Whatev.

Happy holidays guys! Gotta go. I have to wrap our yaya's gift.

Update: I ruined our helper's present. I'm so fucking stupid I swear! I cut a whole on the sleeve while wrapping her blouse! Ugh!


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