Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rock It Well

So after over three months of living under my bed, I took out my "astronaut shoes" and wore them outside for the very first time. I went to Rockwell today to buy gifts and other things. It was the perfect opportunity to take them out for a spin.

Made mainly for skaters, these shoes are really comfortable. So I didn't mind walking around back and forth, up and down. And I love it that Rockwell has such a laid back yet exciting atmosphere. It's a departure from the chaos that ensue in other malls especially during the holiday season.

Then there's the issue with the restrooms. I think Rockwell and Greenbelt have the cleanest and most well equipped restrooms.

Check out the neat hand dryers in the newly renovated restrooms on the 2nd(?) level. The only other time I saw one of these was early this year in Disneyland HK.

The latest issue of Plant Magazine is out.

Gawd, I'd totally live in this neighborhood (Rockwell Residences) if I were rich enough. The area is just so attractive. It's in Makati but tucked away from the busy district and it's embedded in lush greenery and tall buildings alike.

Anyway, my gift shopping is nearing completion. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be 100% done.

Today's look: Bag from Nike, shirt from Topman, pants from Cheap Monday and shoes from Supra.

I bought the bag last night. I realized the one I got from 5cm a couple of weeks ago will not be ideal for the obstacle course that I go through everyday when going to work and home later in the day. This backpack however is very promising. Even my laptop fits inside.

It's 4 am and my head is throbbing. Good night.

Some celebrity sightings at Rockwell:
Katrina Legarda at National Bookstore
TJ Trinidad at People R People
Toni Gonzaga (and her boyfriend) at Topman

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