Sunday, April 25, 2010

Drama Cum Laude

In attempting to escape loneliness, we accept a sexual act devoid of spiritual nourishment. Such nourishment can come only from the union of two permanently committed souls.

-The Thrill of the Chaste by Dawn Eden

He takes a puff on his cigarette and blows the smoke not knowing his guest is allergic to it. The latter doesn't complain. The host leans in closer and they share a tobacco flavored kiss with eyes closed.

Thirty minutes earlier, they hide their naked bodies under the covers while the host's roommate turns on the light and casually murmurs something about leaving the room.

"It's ok," the host said, trying to comfort his embarrassed guest.
He shares the room with 4 other guys, in a place that's home to numerous tenants who are all gay. It's a few blocks away from the guest's place.

Once done satisfying each other's carnal hunger, both guys head outside. Silence, broken by slight chit chat and a few kisses, dominated. The host is lonely. He tells his guest he's not very happy living in that place, his eyes filled with questions, doubts, stories, secrets. The guest joked about the two of them living together and managed to avoid talking about his own loneliness.

Then there they are, kissing in front of two straight grown men having gin. The guest asked if the host could walk him around the block. The latter obliged. While walking in the middle of the street, he asked him to put his arm around his shoulders. The guest obliged.

They parted ways in front of a small convenience store where the host had to buy something---cigarettes probably. It was also where a shirtless pundit mocked them about their sexuality. But no one paid attention. Both guys just walked home alone.