Friday, December 31, 2010

Random Rants

Butch Shoes

Air Jordan 11 Retro Grey

Believe it or not, there was a time when I wore basketball shoes regularly like the way I wear Chucks or espadrilles nowadays. That was way back in grade school up to high school when some of my pants could fit one person in each leg.

It's my brother's and father's fault. They were both so into the Nike Air Jordans and the Adidas Kobe pairs. I remember having Grant Hill's shoes by Fila, Kobe's by Adidas, Dennis Rodman's by Converse and Jason Kidd's by Nike.

Thankfully, me and my father have since moved on to other shoes. My brother, however, has become obsessed with these things. He has been collecting Air Jordans since he went abroad. Last week, we were chatting online and he expressed how he was feeling "fucking bad" because he missed the one pictured above. Apparently, there are a lot of lunatics out there who waited in line and the limited edition shoes sold like hot cakes.

So I felt bad for him because I know what it feels like to lose a shopping opportunity like that. He told me it is my "mission" to find those shoes once I get back in Manila. Little did he know that I was already making phone calls.

The six outlets that carried the pairs in Manila sold out, Nike Iloilo seemed clueless about it, but luckily, the one in Ayala, Cebu, still had 2 pairs in his size. So the race begins.

It's a good thing my friend Rica, who is based in Mactan, was kind enough to go all the way to Ayala, pick up the damn shoes and send them our way. Now, my brother is in cloud nine and I feel like a fucking hero because that's what family is for, right?

TVs in Restaurants

What is up with restaurants having TVs? Seriously! Italliani's? Burgoo? Really? What the fuck. I swear it turns the hell off of me. I see a nice looking restaurant with a seemingly sumptuous menu, then I see a fucking TV and I'm like "No." It's a total deal breaker! Even when I eat out alone, I still don't want it. I ruins the ambience, the experience, it's very, uhm, carinderic. Please, just off with the TVs! Thanks.


If people go on movie marathons and Korean drama series marathons, well I have been on a Kathy Griffin Youtube marathon. It's insane because these are videos that I've seen multiple times before; Bravo specials, her series, guestings, you name it. I just can't stop. It's too hard. It's like crack.

With a fizzle?

What are you doing on new year's eve? Me? Oh, I don't know, maybe curl up on my bend and cry myself to sleep?

The initial plan to party it up in some hotel in Makati isn't likely to happen. I can go to my aunt's place in Cavite or just celebrate with my friend Jules and her sister's family but I don't know.We'll see. Either way, have a great, happy, healthy, wonderful new year!


  1. cute shoes. i'm jealous. I love TVs in restuarants. something to watch when the convo gets sour, lol.

  2. Really? If they show stuff that I can't see at home, that will probably make it less annoying. :)