Friday, June 06, 2008

National Bureau of Idiots

I hate, no, I despise government offices. Seriously, Madam Prezzy are you fucking reading this?

I went to the National Bureau of Investigation office this morning straight from a graveyard shift to get my cousin's clearance form whatever. She's in Dubai so I'm doing her a favor. That was my third trip there. After 2 failed attempts because of 1.) smudgy thumb marks, and 2.) lack of consul's seal, I was finally able to process the damn paper.

On my second trip to this part of hell, I thought I should be early to avoid the crowd. I arrived there about a quarter before 8 only to find this long line of people who obviously arrived earlier than I did. The counters didn't open until almost 9. Awesome.

I must love my cousin very much because I managed to brave Quiapo in the middle of the day amidst the heavy transportation and people traffic not minding the possibility of getting mugged.

You see, the NBI office is not exactly nestled in a metropolitan paradise. The place itself doesn't look like a decent government office. It's a 3-level space with what seems to be an indoor basketball court as a lobby/waiting area. It's definitely too small for the crowd that mobs this place everyday. The ventilation is also very poor. I wonder where the P20 (per visit) maintenance fee goes.

Dont't even get me started with the people there. What is up with these grouchy government employees? Jeezes, these bitches need to fucking cool down.

There's this old lady bitch in the 6th floor whose job is to check the application form and make sure each detail is accurate; she's the same person who disapproved the first 2 applications and I think she gave me a trauma. She's not very nice. She also misspelled my name even after I gave her my ID.

And then there's this cleavage-showing cougar assigned in Step 3 who fucking barked at me in front of so many people when I didn't get what she was saying. That was so embarrassing. I wish she had instructed me in a nicer manner. I wanted to smack her in the face. If only I didn't need anything from her.

Mga Gagah!

I'm so glad I'm finally accomplishing this errand. Just one more trip tomorrow and hopefully I'll be getting out of that place with cousin's clearance in tow.

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