Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sugar Shocker

One of my favorite food blogs, Dessert Comes First, will celebrate its 6th anniversary with a party that's sure to cause a major rush and I was lucky enough to win an invite to this exclusive event. That's right, I had to enter and win a contest for this sweet spectacle.

Even with the invite, the fact that I would have to shell out Php500.00 at the venue threw me off a little. But I guess it's worth it considering there will be 11 bakers serving some of the best desserts in town. What worries me more now though is the idea of going alone. This would not be the first time for me to attend a blog event all by myself but I really wish I could bring MFG with me. I think pigging out to the point of a cardiac arrest would be more fun with him. Besides, between the two of us, he's more the munch master and he himself bakes.

Oh well. It seems like a really fun party. As long as there are no "parlor games", I'll be fine.

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