Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Becoming Lindsay Lohan

Thanks to the unreliable rail system of Manila, which is really supposed to be the fastest way to get to Greenbelt at 8pm, I was late so MFG and I missed the earlier screening of I Am Number Four.

We killed the time by having a quick dinner---but not before walking a couple of blocks while having a little argument. Then we decided to have drinks at Dillinger where the female bartenders/servers found it amusing how we downed shots like it's going out of style.

Great liquor selection at Dillinger.

The place looks like an upscale pub. No frills. No gimmicks.Very straightforward. I like it, even with the TVs. It's the kind of bar where people really go to drink and chat and not to be seen. I hope it stays that way.

Just like the place, I wanted my drink to be straightforward, no frills. That heat from the mouth down to the throat was what I was after so MFG got us shots of vodka. After half an hour or so, the score was MFG-4, moi-3.

Plain Vodka on the rocks over the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on TV.

I have to admit, by the time we went up to the cinema, I was a little buzzed. But definitely not too buzzed for frozen yogurt.

The movie was alright. I was expecting something more intelligent. It gets exciting towards the end though. Or was that just me dying to go pee?

Anyway, I've been consuming too much alcohol lately. Last night was not even a weekend. Is this the start of my downward spiral? What am I going to wear in court? This teenage drama queen had fun though. It was a new experience with MFG, thanks to alcohol.


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