Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Finally, balls. Rogue has been pretty consistent with their covers. They know how to do sexy without being vulgar.

This one is my favorite. It's simply stunning. If you have someone as gorgeous as Anne as a subject, it's a challenge to elevate her already striking sultriness but they were to achieve that with this. Her eyes just grab your attention. I'd be the last one to support smoking but in this case, I understand how it contributes to the story of the image.

At first I thought this one is a waste of ass-baring nudity but I get it now. This shoot looks like it was very well directed. I like how the light hits her body. Very sensual.

This one I'm not so sure of. It's not a bad picture but I personally wouldn't put it on the cover.

It's good to see that Filipino magazines are stepping it up, trying out new things---for the local industry at least. Hopefully, more publications will follow suit and experiment more. Enough with the generic movie stars in passé covers.

Photos: Rogue

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