Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bad Momma

I feel horrible for not updating my little, online baby. I've just been going though torrential times very much like how the weather has been lately.

My insecurities are at a peak. Even my libido has been very, very low. Seriously. I've been depressed and I'm definitely not at my prime health-wise. The thing about situations like this is you may be damaged but you still have to function. There will be aspects of your life that's surely to suffer though.

For days now, I've been intending to post an update but never really came up with anything interesting enough. I wonder if it's time for my first ever official hiatus; that leave of absence that a lot of other bloggers have taken. Then again, what kind of parent would that make me?! *sigh* Hang on?


  1. Relax. We all have those days :) Just stay sane though.

  2. Cheer up, Scotty! You'll be fine <3

  3. Thank you, Rei and Patty! :)