Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Secret Affair and Some Cute Puppies

This long weekend is great but it's done some damage on my wallet--with or without the dentist fees I begrudgingly paid yesterday.

I was too bored so I went ahead and met up with friends just as planned. There I was, fresh from a tooth extraction, with a bleeding mouth and a jarring clay-like substance covering the upper half of my upper teeth, hopping into a cab, just in time before a drizzle. It took some time to explain what I was going through but that didn't stop me from blabbing away.

After a nice fun meal at Cookbook Kitchen, we decided to watch a movie and agreed on 'A Secret Affair'--or 'A Secret Apir' as I would call it. It's surprisingly different from 'No Other Woman' but that doesn't mean it's any better. I like that it had some tongue-in-cheek moments but there were scenes that seemed forced. It is refreshing to see a confrontation scene though where the offender bothers to explain in detail how one thing led to another and the victim actually listens and doesn't cut off the former or simply leaves. Seriously, if more people took the time to talk it out rather than cry, shout and walk out and cry some more, we'd all save more time and money.

This movie, I think, is banking on the public's penchant for cat fights. The script comes with a bombardment of lines which some may consider catchy, witty and in some instances, bitchy. It's entertaining if you're into that sort of dialogue. Besides, what's a movie about scandalous exploits without vitriol spewing?

It was already close to midnight when the movie ended. But the main reason why we actually got together is because one of my friends, Michelle, was going to give a puppy to another buddy, Nikki, so off we went to the her house. There, I reconnected with my childhood, standing beside a cage of three puppies and another cage that housed a poodle.

We used to have a lot of dogs; we had five at one point. I loved each of them. I still remember some of their birthdays. Then, I grew older and switched my interest to other dogs, the ones that talk and pee standing up. I can still remember how they look though.

The puppy that was given a new home last night is a female cross-breed of a beagle and something else. All of them, including the poodle, were so eager for attention they were scratching on their cages. I held up each of the puppies and it reminded me of that part of my childhood when Chiqui, our first dog ever, would give birth in our kitchen.

I don't know why but I've been considering getting a pet dog lately. Last night, playing with those endearingly eager pups and having one of them lay on my lap while inside Nikki's car just heightened this longing. It's just not feasible right now which is why I'm thinking of getting one for our home in the province. Having a pet there should be another thing to look forward to whenever I visit.

It was a long day. I'm so glad I went out despite my not so ideal condition. It was worth it.

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