Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cold Stuff

Having just had a deviant tooth extracted, I took my dentist's recommendation to eat ice cream very seriously. This pursuit to indulge, I mean, heal, has brought a few matters to my attention.

First, is Sara Lee ice cream the new Häagen-Dazs? Price-wise, probably. I just can't confirm this until I find an extra P500 lying around and spend it on this cold treat.

Last night, I was with Erin at UCC Cafe. Although I knew I wanted something for dessert, I didn't really know what to order so I followed suit and also had ice cream. What a good decision that was. I don't think I've ever had it in avocado ice cream before and I have a feeling that wasn't my last. It's so smooth and creamy. I'm not a big fan of fruit flavored ice cream and I know it looks like a baby's frozen diarrhea but this is a welcome exception and is worth the P89+ price tag.

Today, my colleagues and I had lunch at this restaurant near the office called Nathaniel's. A good friend was raving about their buko pandan so that's exactly what we had for dessert. True enough, it was a nice treat to conclude a satisfying meal. Too bad a small pint costs P150/ which is a teeny bit much in my opinion.

This is my way of putting the lemons that life throws at me into good use. Thank goodness my throat is not reacting adversely to all the sweet, cold food. Speaking of lemons, all this eating is making me grow horizontally so I'm trying out a morning ritual involving the citrus fruit but that's a different story for another post.

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