Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chef Arnold's

I'm a sucker for hidden neighborhood haunts so it was a treat to find this place just a few blocks from my place. The owner is a former seaman cook who decided to put up his own business a few years ago.

I recently discovered this gem online and I'm glad I finally got to drop by yesterday with my friend, M, who was looking for an apartment in my area. The place is carinderic, with the seats located right on the pavement but the star here is the food; the pizza, in particular.

We ordered the New Yorker and the crew immediately started kneading away. Each pizza is made only when an order is placed so it's fresh and hot all the time. The dough got a little too toasted, which was acknowledged by the chef's wife who had a chat with us for a bit, but we didn't mind it so much. It tasted good and fresh. I just wish they would change the cheese topping as it tasted like cheap cheddar. Then again, for P170, I shouldn't complain.

This is the leftover slice (that I took home) after reheating.

Aside from the pizza, we also tried the pasta bolognese, which was cradled by a tortilla bowl. I definitely didn't expect that from a whole-in-the-hole joint. It was good and well worth the P80.

We only ordered two dishes plus two bottles of Tropicana and I still got to bring home a doggie bag with the following day's dinner.

I even like the hot sauce; not too hot and not the watery type. This one's a little lumpy. Made from scratch, perhaps?

If you live in Mandaluyong or happen to be in the area, try Chef Arnold's. It's along San Rafael Street, near the Sta. Ana Street area. They also deliver within the vicinity.

It's places like this that really make me glad I live here--aside from the fact that our area is largely much, flood-free, of course.

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