Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sights From The #MillionPeopleMarch

Yesterday, National Heroes' Day, will go down in history as the time when Filipinos from all walks of life gathered to fight the system and remind those in power that we have had enough.

Personally, I wasn't really sure whether to go or not until I convinced my friend, Erin, to come along. So off we went the following day, dressed in white with not much idea what to expect. The turn-out was good despite the drizzle, which made the grounds muddy and a bitch to walk on. Georgina Wilson, Belle Daza and Raymond Guttierrez didn't seem to mind. Neither did DJ Manolet Dario.

We also spotted some personalities from the fashion set like Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Jujiin Samonte with partner Paulo Castro.

Here's Erin trying to steal a shot of the young priests.

Even our aeta brothers and sisters want the pork barrel system abolished. They were also present and in full native clothing, bahag and all.

At some point, the whole spectacle felt like third world Coachella with this blaring from the speakers.

It's inspiring how everyone, rich and poor, gay and straight, gathered, but the event could have used some more organization. There were moments when we literally had no idea what else to do aside from flail our fists in the air, yell the chant and sign the petition.

Nonetheless, it was a memorable experience. I'm not the type to usually to take to the streets but I'm glad to have joined this movement.


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