Sunday, August 11, 2013


Ok, that has been the longest time that I have not blogged. There were moments when I'd feel guilty about it but then I'd be reminded of my thesis and everything else that needed to be accomplished, I'd realize I better prioritize wisely.

But now I'm back and I'm happy to report I pretty much did well. I have some revisions to do but I'm hoping there won't be any major problems with my paper anymore. That defense yesterday was insane, though. I was ripped to shreds. The words "It seems you passed your defense..." still resonate within my being up to this moment.

Anyway, this thesis has brought out the best and worst out of everything. It brought out rashes, literal headaches and other bodily ailments, but it has also exposed the best in people, especially my family and friends. It's pretty awesome how everybody helped.

But it's not all good news today. To put it bluntly, I no longer have a job. I didn't get fired or anything. It's just an unfortunate reality that we at the office have to face. Gawd, I'm going to miss being editor of that publication. But I think I'm done crying about that.

My birthday's coming up! That's something to be chippy about. I guess.

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