Thursday, December 14, 2006


Just finished packing. Tomorrow, me, my parents and my kid cousin are flying to Manila. Yay.

Hello vacation! That's right. It's the holidays and I am taking a break and get my life back for a few weeks!

I love it that we're going out of town. My other relatives are already there. They left this morning. We'll be in the fantastic beaches of Batangas over the weekend. Then be back in Manila by Sunday I think.

Ugh. I am so friggin' excited, ecstatic, psyched about this trip. I really need it. What with all the stress went through with school. Hah! I need to refuel you know.

I hope I get to shop a lot. Gawd, I need more clothes. I was packing a few minutes ago and that's when I realized how badly I need to update my wardrobe. I packed a lot but not the usual tons of shit I bring with me when I travel. You know WHY, because I have like, 3 "wearable" pieces. I have a ton of stuff in my cabinet but I don't wear about 75% of the clothes 'cause they're either ugly, stained, or oversized.

Anyway, I'm wearing jeans and this nice Esprit striped shirt (gray and black) tomorrow. I hope I pull it off. It's so cheap so I have to make that not obvious. HAHAHAHAHAH... Fuck clothes. I'm spending quality time with family. *grin

But really, I hope everything goes well. So help me God.

P.S. I wanna meet new "friends". I hope I do, really. ;)

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