Thursday, December 28, 2006

Random Rants

My connection is slow again for some reason so I'm gonna keep this short.

  • As always, I'm exhausted again. Woke up early today to go to a neighboring city and checked my rented place there and I had to buy some stuff. It was fine, (my place) except that it's a little dusty/dirty there. Well, it's actually that way almost all the time anyway so I just bug-bomned the room just to make sure and then left for the mall... SM City was full. Ugh. I couldn't believe there were that many people shopping two days after christmas. Until, I noticed the words "SALE" or "DISCOUNT" staring at me from everywhere. That's when I realized... I only bought two white belts though. Very cheap, both of them. Didn't really have time to look around 'coz I met up with a friend and we watched a movie. And then my family and I met up later on and they wanted to go home, and so did I coz it was a 3-hour trip going back to our place. Hence, the shopping cut short. It's fine though. I was able to accomplish everything in my "itinerary" namely: check my place, buy stuff for my face from my dermatologist, go to the mall, spend. Hah!

  • I sent out text messages and online bulletins today about the upcoming garage sale. Hah. A lot of people showed interest. Some of them even told me they're actually gonna come and visit. Gawd. Those lying maggots. Kidding. I hope a lot of people do show up AND buy our stuff. :) Anyway, I'm so excited 'coz my mom and sister-in-law might join in. And I know they have a lot of good stuff. I'm so friggin' psyched about this little project I started. It's about time you know. I've been wanting to do this for the longest time. Oooh... I hope everything goes well. I want some space in my cabinets and less in my wallet! Hahahah...

  • I'm still feeling a little sick. I hate this frucking cough I've had for like, two days. It's so not cool.

That'd be all for now. So much for keeping it short.

Gotta go.


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